“We made an extra thousand dollars more than last year’s show!”                           


                                         ~ S. Schwartz, Shpiel Producer & Religious

                                School Director, Temple Akiba, Culver City, CA                          


“Brilliant! Brilliant!”                                                                                     

                                                ~ J. Davis, member, Board of Trustees

                                                                                       Temple Akiba




The reviews are in, and the word is... CLASSIC!  The Classic Rock

Purim Shpiel appeals to today’s generation of Hebrew school parents

and their children, who’ve grown up with Guitar Hero and Rock Band. 

It’s the story of Esther with biblical figures as rock icons.  Eric Clapton

as King Ahasuerus!  Ann Wilson from Heart as Esther!  Jerry Garcia

as Mordecai!  Pat Benatar as Vashti!  David Bowie as Haman!


Making its Spring 2009 premiere at Temple Akiba in Culver City,

California, The Classic Rock Purim Shpiel is a truly funny show from

a professional Hollywood writer.  It’s filled with well-known rock tunes,

colorful characters and even a bissel of pathos (check out script samples

and frequently asked questions).


Especially ideal for temples with active youth groups, The Classic

Rock Purim Shpiel is easy to produce, whether you stage an annual

fundraising Shpiel or never have before.  For $180 you get everything

you need:                                                                                                                                                              Click for more photos


18% from each sale benefits Birthright Israel and Temple Akiba.


For more information and to purchase click here


The Classic Rock Purim Shpiel    © 2008 Robin Weitz